Wiccan Wedding Rings

Wiccan wedding rings symbolize a couple’s desires to be bonded together with their love and commitment that seen by their family and friends. It comes from Scottish customs and has relations with handfasting ceremony (just like wedding). The cord that is used as wedding ring is usually red represents passion, vitality, and sexual love between the couple. Wiccan processions in bounding relationships are divided into two, they are: Wiccan’s ceremonial for short term relationship (we call it engagement in modern era), Wiccan’s ceremonial for long term relationship (as a wedding ceremonial). The wiccan’s ceremonials are sacred according to their beholders. There, they have to bind their fingers to their couple to promise their words. If the couples stand for years as their promises, it becomes a sign that they are in one destiny to life ever after.

Wiccan Wedding Rings

Wiccan Wedding Rings2

Wiccan Wedding Rings as Great Love Symbol

Wiccan wedding rings have function as a reminder of their vows. For recent, there are modern jewelers have traditional wiccan wedding rings to offer. They create them in ancient tradition and believed as heirloom pieces. Here are the lists to figure out: Avalon Celtic Wedding Ring (it describes forever young and forever in love), Danu Celtic Wedding Ring (Danu was the Celtic Mother Goddess), Falia Celtic Wedding Ring (Falia is the home of four wizard), Heron Celtic Wedding Ring (Heron was a Lady of the lake, giver of life), Triskele Spiral Celtic Wedding Ring (it is associated as an Isle Man).

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Wiccan Wedding Rings

Wiccan wedding rings have in great quantities of folk tales that bring mysteries. Make a good choice with wiccan wedding rings as in great symbol, e.g. something that represents wisdom, understanding and strength of fully womanhood and fully manhood. If you want something more modern but still in traditional taste like wiccan wedding rings, you may offer the designs of wedding rings do you want and come months before so that the jewelry have more spare time to make your dream wedding ring. Some jewelry though have made the modern wiccan wedding rings are ready to wear. If you don’t have much time to offer the rings, you may ask for these kinds. And it will not disappointing at all. Just make yourselves trust to the experts.