Decorating the Wedding Cakes with Fountains

The wedding cakes with fountains will bring the happiness and the sound of the water flow. Wedding cakes with fountains sometimes can be decorated by yourself but it needs more creativity. Usually, it can be taller just like the tower and can be located strategically underneath the wedding cake. If you do it properly, the effect and the atmosphere that it brings will so fascinating and breathe taking. The sound and the flow water create calming feelings to your guests.

Wedding Cakes with Fountains Design

Wedding Cakes with Fountains Design

Wedding Cakes with Fountains DesignWedding Cakes with Fountains Design

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Wedding Cakes with Fountains PicturesWedding Cakes with Fountains Pictures

If you don’t have any ability to create the wedding cakes with fountains, but you need them right into your taste. So, you are able to decorate it as your taste and style. Ensure that you have prepared the things for decorating it, such as the large wedding cake toppers, decorative pillars, food coloring, and the fresh flowers. The first step that you should prepare is about the security of the decorative pillars. You can drag them in tired with the bottom layer that is elevated from the table. So, the fountain will fit underneath the wedding cake. The decorative pillars will create the classic look. The next step is by adding the dramatic and large wedding cake topper. Traditionally, the wedding cake topper is the standing bride and groom on the surface of the wedding cake in a static position. Here, you have to find something new without any static topper, such as the dancing couple, and some other activities. Describe the couple of the topper that has their time in the fountain.

Wedding Cakes with Fountains RecipesWedding Cakes with Fountains Recipes

Creating the wedding cakes with fountains is also about the fresh flowers. The elegance and high class atmosphere will be got from the great arrangements of the fountain. Moreover, the fresh flower also gives extra aroma when the guests walk near the couple and the fountain. It must be a great match between the wedding theme and the fresh water and flower. At last, you should also add the coloring food to your fountain as it can make the fountain stand more attractive that before.